Saturday, November 26, 2011

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 12, 12:15 PM
    Gapless playback is good news but oh dear, if new iPod "games" are the level of announcements - even at the beginning - then this is going to be a big, big disappointment of a keynote for some people... :p

    Start small, end big. Why would they want to start big and end small?

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  • aznair
    Apr 4, 10:01 PM
    Korean media just pulls this stuff right out their rear end. I'm not being racist or anything - I'm Korean myself and I'm talking from experience.

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  • macrumorsMaster
    Mar 29, 06:05 PM
    it is now gone. Why not just proudly go down and wish those who beat you...well.

    Do you say the same to Apple about Hackintoshers? :confused:

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  • rtdunham
    Dec 2, 04:17 PM
    Do you know how many of those suckers would have to be placed to track a jogger running thru Central Park? maybe hundreds easily if they are limited to 60ft.

    sure, make light of it. but do i want to be able to be stalked by every vision-impaired tom, dick, and hannibal who otherwise couldn't follow me within a 60 foot radius? I don't think so.

    next some evil corporation will come up with an mp3 player that not only can track you at such close distance, but also--oh, the humanity--send you a song to distract you even more. Think "Don't Look Back," 1965, by the Temptations, or the later version by Springsteen. Sure, we'll listen to our music idols--only to be stabbed in the back.

    sign me
    "too smart to fall prey to this vicious scheme"

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  • edoates
    Dec 2, 12:26 PM
    Among the silliest concerns I've read about recently. You can be tracked by your shoes up to 60 feet away! (oh, and that is unobstructed feet). ******, from 60 feet, I think I can track you using my eyes. And the trackee can see the observer.

    More manufactured paranoia.

    Get a life, people.

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  • Sinsinnati
    Oct 17, 12:53 PM
    IMHO, it still is a marketing issue. Mac-ads on Dutch TV?? Most people don't even know Apple make the iPods! (:eek: ) If they see an iMac, some even call it the "iPod-computer", but have no idea it can do stuff their PC can do too.

    LOL, I can see someone saying that.

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  • DeSnousa
    Apr 6, 06:33 AM
    twoodcc may I ask if any of your setups have gone down?

    Output of the team has gone down lately :(

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  • rasmasyean
    Jun 25, 08:32 PM
    Still looks more promising to me than move and at least you only have to buy one kinnect if there are two of you playing as opposed to two sets for either move or wii so the cost becomes negligible between all of them.

    Wasn't there a 3 person dance thing in one of those demos? In a previous demo I saw, I think a family was playing one of those twister like games where they make a "group shadow" shape?

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  • MattyMac
    Sep 17, 10:37 AM
    Oct 11 works with what they told me at the Apple store: "We'll have them in-store in early to mid October."

    It's good for my wallet that they didn't have a rack of them in-store on Thursday...

    Just ordered my shuffle online and it says that the estimated ship date is October 31st and the estimated arrival date is November 7th:(

    ...I'm still excited though!

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  • Yvan256
    Apr 19, 01:16 PM
    I'd like to know if it will run on my last-gen 24 inch iMac (The cheaper 24 inch), before I commit. Portal 1 runs fine (without any fancy stuff).

    Anyway, the whole idea of a FPS where you don't quite 'shoot', is brilliant IMO. Best game ever :)

    I think it means "Fast Portal Selection".

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  • kavika411
    Apr 7, 08:47 AM
    I have many reasons why I don't like them and their religion. First and foremost is because of the fact that Israel and its "nazi-like zionist army" have committed crimes against humanity.. Killing innocent Palestinian men, women, and children just for being Palestinian. Israel is doing exactly what the nations of Eastern Europe did to the Jewish populations there in WWII.

    2ndly, there is a strong parallel between Zionism and Nazism and also racism. If anything Zionism is the root cause for why this race is hated in the world. Their religion also teaches to not associate with Gentiles and others.. In case you don't believe me, look up the BABYLONIAN TALMUD and how racist and perverted it is.

    Israel cares about no one, and the foolish idiots here in this "dying" country called America(dying b/c of economy and debt) are still supporting them.. I say, if you support the killing, apartheid machine then you are supporting the destruction of a race of people, namely the Palestinians.

    For those ignorant of or not really learning about the true nature of the government of Israel let me refresh your mind a bit.. If those monsters had their way without Obama, they would finish the job.. Obama and the world had urged and forced Israel to stop building settlements, but yet they still do.

    Remember, its simple mathematics. The Jews number today 13 million and this number is drastically reducing because of the large intermarriage rate and Jews who try to assimilate to be like everyone else. Judaism as a religion is dying as we can see.. I am happy there are Jews out there who are seeing the light that Judaism and Zionism are failures and that Israel has FAILED to help anyone or anything..

    I could go on and on, but I think I will stop here.. but I leave this on one note: So long as Israel exists, there will be future problems in the future for the US and the world.. I pray one day that Palestine becomes a reality and finally the freedom of the Palestinians is realized.

    Joshuarocks, I hope you enjoyed your time here in the PRSI.

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  • Mac-key
    Apr 19, 06:20 AM
    so I'm sure this has been addressed or mentioned, but is the "viewer" window just out all together???

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 28, 10:15 AM
    Shouldn't leaking trade secrets be some sort of civil contract violation, rather than a crime you can be arrested and jailed for?

    You'd think the right thing to do would be to fire and fine them. What is putting them in jail going to accomplish?

    No, leaking trade secrets is a crime. What confuses many people is that trade secrets are usually kept secret by contracts; for example my employment contracts forbids me to tell people about future plans of my company, so telling the world would indeed be a breach of contract. But that contract is really what keeps the information secret: If I was allowed to tell you, then it wouldn't be a trade secret anymore. And therefore telling you would be a breach of trade secret and a crime.

    On the other hand, people think they are allowed to leak trade secrets because they didn't sign an NDA: If it is a trade secret, then you are not allowed to leak it (for example if someone who _was_ under NDA told you about it). But if a company is careless, then things that were supposed to be trade secrets may stop to be trade secrets.

    Not my point. I was reffering to working conditions in China and that these poor workers just do not quit thier jobs if they do not like them and get another job in another factory.

    If anyone doesn't like their job, they can quit, they can stick it out, or they can try to improve things. What they cannot do is commit crimes. And who says that these crimes where committed because someone was unhappy with their job? More likely just a case of greed.

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  • freiheit
    Jul 11, 07:51 PM
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought when I was in chemistry class in high school that we learned that magnesium and water have an explosive reaction -- if you thought lawsuits about earbuds conducting electricity when you get hit by lightning were bad, wait until several thousand people catch fire while listening to their iPod in the rain.

    Nevermind. I just saw a few posts on this very subject. :P

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  • dagamer34
    Apr 11, 11:08 PM
    Gruber said it was a blatant guess. He said this wasn't info from one of his sources.

    Then let me revise my statement and say this is why other media should attempt to independently verify their sources and then add a dash of common sense.

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  • Consultant
    Mar 4, 04:22 PM
    Weird that he didn't try to shake her off. Mythbusters showed that it's impossible to hold on to a car beyond a certain turning force.

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  • mark12
    Apr 21, 03:50 PM
    This would eat up my 200Mb/month plan in about a day!!

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 17, 11:03 AM
    I'm tempted to go ahead and get rid of my current 512MB shuffle and get this one when it comes out. It's so darned cute.

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  • w_parietti22
    Aug 7, 04:18 PM
    HAHA... the Im a PC part is great!

    Oct 4, 09:43 AM
    Can't wait. I love it when Apple do Mac stuff.

    Apr 1, 07:49 AM
    i never really bothered about power consumption when choosing a computer ,
    for me other things had been far more important , like expandability , and a mini G4 is slow compared to a G5
    and for the price of a early intel mini 1.5/ 1.66 /1.83 core duo with the poxy onboard intel gma 950 , a g5 is a lot cheaper most times , and if Power consumption is important he could buy a MSI wind netbook and hackintosh it as its easy ,which offers the same performance really and is using even less power , so Power consumption is not worth to mention really

    Apr 26, 12:20 PM
    Pretty sure he's in a parking lot and parked, buddy.

    I think he may be right. I've never seen a parking lot with rows of cars parallel parked.

    Edit: Although I do not see brake lights engaged on most of the cars.

    Nov 9, 07:42 PM
    good on Apple for improving the speed of Rosetta, but it would be so much easier is M$ made Office a UB...

    i and being to use neooffice for quick viewing of files but when it comes to writing my own documents i do have to fire up the old excel and word. Which is still a pain even with 2gb of ram and a core 2 duo.

    Chupa Chupa
    Apr 12, 03:29 AM
    In other shocking news, the next U.S. presidential election has been pushed back to 2012.