Thursday, November 24, 2011

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cool designs to color for kids. This color is fairly neutral,
  • This color is fairly neutral,

  • oldMac
    Dec 8, 12:08 PM
    Hmm. I Live an hour south of NYC too, and my service couldn't be better. It has only gotten progressively better over the last two years.

    So what's wrong with you? Or your iPhone?

    Curious... Maybe my phone is defective?
    I'm located in the Plainsboro/Princeton NJ area. Are you close to here?

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  • MSlaw
    Mar 14, 10:27 PM
    who needs 8gb, sheesh. i barely use 2gb of my 4gb of ram as it is. even using photoshop, I have never seen it max out.

    Virtual Machines

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  • April Dancer
    Sep 13, 05:26 AM
    Yeah but who wants to keep up with 2 when you could just buy one?

    I have to agree. I know it's not a big deal but I use my Shuffle primarily as a flash drive. It plugs in my computer when I get to work and I work from it. But I also keep enough tracks on it to bail me out on my journey home should its big iPod brother run out of battery power (I'm not very good at charging!). I wouldn't buy a new Shuffle just for music as it wouldn't get used enough but the music capability was handy to have.

    Having said that, I love the new look. :)

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  • Draythor
    Jan 17, 04:19 PM
    Mine: Self made wallpaper, available in colour and B&W.

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  • Beaverman3001
    Apr 15, 07:39 PM
    I would have told him hell no if he wanted my Air. If they wanted me to turn it off fine, but taking a device that expensive for some underpaid undertrained schmuck to mess up? Hell no.

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  • ~Shard~
    Nov 13, 01:06 PM
    Good to receive confirmation on this. I was curious when I read that Justin may not be doing the Mac commercials anymore and thought that it was quite odd. Glad to hear he'll be around (along with the ad campaign itself) for a while yet. :cool:

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  • H00513R
    Apr 5, 03:43 PM
    LOL that should be a federal offense!

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  • toddybody
    Apr 4, 09:44 AM
    This argument is getting old. The iPhone 3GS is available for $50.

    Right, adoption certainly is being pushed by low priced models (as well as expensive ones). I gave my wife my iP4 32GB, and got a new line on a BB Torch, cause at 50.00 the only competition was a 3GS. Point being, Android has alot of HW options to spread it's OS...with Apple, youve got 3.

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  • alent1234
    Dec 1, 10:13 AM
    i bought it and loving it

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 5, 05:58 AM
    how did you customize your logos ?
    mostly the mail box

    Watch this video (

    Mail icon (

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  • bubbacaster
    Mar 25, 07:34 PM
    We still have a 2004 20" Power G5 iMac that is my wife's primary home computer. It's been dead reliable for all the years we've owned it, and was my primary iTunes Library machine until just a few months ago. It's still used daily for light-duty stuff: web browsing, email, word-processing, and as a Citrix client so my wife can connect to her School's systems (she's an administrator at a High School). It works fine for all that sort of stuff.

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  • scotty96LSC
    Jan 1, 02:04 PM
    Link (
    Geek tool for the computer info
    Deviant Art for the Black Dock Icons.

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  • pistolero
    Apr 5, 03:57 PM
    IMO Apple's biggest mistake (as far as stopping Android) was coming to Verizon one year too late.

    Why do people assume that this is a zero sum game? Apple doesn't have to "stop" android and probably doesn't care if the market is saturated with low end android phones. One is a generic platform customized by a bunch of hardware makers with varying quality and no defined set of specs. iOS is a vertically integrated platform from a single vendor.

    Any low cost generic mobile operating system was always going to show up to cover the needs of carriers desperate to get subscribers to spend a lot of money in 'data 'plans since iPhones proved people could be convinced that searching the web from a phone is a necessity and voice minutes are now too plentiful and devalued.

    The likely scenario is that Apple, HP, Microsoft/Nokia and RIM will split the market with the generic android handsets, which are iPhone clones. At least the other big vendors have a different interface and user experience to offer something new to the consumer.

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  • Mrawr
    Apr 12, 10:48 AM
    This doesn't make sense to me... Why would they have included Netflix on the ATV2? I'm thinking no.

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  • conditionals
    Sep 12, 12:14 PM
    These new iPods are THE AWESOME

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  • Rod76
    Nov 13, 09:38 PM
    My MacBook Pro is having horrible wake from sleep issues i.e. it woke up inside my backpack on more than one occasion. Nothing worse then an already hot notebook trapped inside a backpack surrounded by neoprene. (I double pack it for extra impact protection; and never realized how much heat could be trapped if something went wrong.)

    If this isn't resolved now I'm going to have to continue to shut down before I take it to and from school.

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  • rwilliams
    Jun 10, 12:06 AM
    When you buy one at these stores, how do they activate it or know if your up for an upgrade?

    Best Buy sells all of the big name phones for all major carriers, and they have a dedicated section of the store for mobile phone purchases, so they can easily activate your phone or look up your existing contract. I've had several phones activated at Best Buy and not once have I had a problem.

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  • Cameront9
    Oct 17, 02:51 PM
    Wait a minute...I think I see your problem. Just click once on you document folder and it will open very quickly.
    what you are doing is simulating a right click (Click and hold the button down). this will bring up a Start menu-like interface).. I think if you right click this will happen instantly, too.... (or maybe it's option-click...I'm not on my mac at the moment, unfortunately). There is SUPPOSED to be a delay when you click and hold like that.

    I've never seen Finder slow... and I'm on the same machine as you are.

    (of course I may have completely misread this and be totally wrong, in which case I would ask what apps you have open, how much memory is on the machine, etc.)

    My comments were not about the merits of OS X vs Windows.

    I have a G4 1.67 mhz 2005 PB. If I hold my cursor down on the documents folder of my dock it takes about 2 - 3 seconds before finder responds.

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  • markm49uk
    Apr 6, 03:02 PM
    Whilst the overall suite is much better than the 2008 version I have to say the performance of Excel on the Mac is just extremely poor when copying chunks of rows to another sheet it's just painful.

    Only talking maybe 10,000 rows and it borks - having used Excel on Windows for many years, including the latest versions capable of handling million row spreadsheets, the performance overall of the Mac version is crap.

    Very near to being a great suite but I wonder if they have the inclination to resolve and improve.....

    Apr 11, 07:47 AM
    With this kind of title (iSteve) I thought it would have been an autobiography, not a biography... :rolleyes:

    Apr 26, 12:27 PM
    Looks beautiful...but Im curious why US Stores didn't receive/start selling them first. :confused:

    I mean, this is AMURIKA after all gosh darnit.

    Sep 9, 05:34 PM
    The new face of OSX Tiger. Apple should hire him.
    Hes cool. I saw him on a Discovery Channel Show

    Oct 12, 11:35 PM
    Not much to report here. Other than a few cosmetic tweaks, it's the same as Tiger for me.

    Hope it gets better than this on release.

    Hilmi Hamidi
    Jan 8, 07:05 PM (